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Hire Terms and Conditions




Thank you for your interest in Hills Boutique Baby!


The purpose of this document is not to bury you, our valued customer, in legalese, but to provide you with clear definitions of both the obligations to you by Hills Boutique Baby, and the requirements of you, the hiree in regards to use of the equipment you hire from Hills Boutique Baby. Please make sure to read this document carefully.



Who are Hills Boutique Baby?


Hills Boutique Baby are a subsidiary of Babytec Pty Ltd.  A family owned, Australian registered business launched in 2012.


Hills Boutique Baby was created to provide high quality baby products for both sale and hire.  Hills Boutique Baby sources all their products from Australian Wholesalers and Retailers.  All products sold or hired by Hills Boutique Baby fully comply with all relevant Australian standards.


Our personal guarantee is that we will not hire/sell any products to our customers that we ourselves wouldn’t use for our own children.  In other words, it’s only good enough for our customers if it’s good enough for us.



When does the hire become a binding contract?


The contract between Hills Boutique Baby and the hiree becomes binding upon payment of the invoice for hire supplied to the hiree by Hills Boutique Baby.  By the hiree paying the invoice the hiree is confirming that they have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions as supplied by Hills Boutique Baby tothe hiree at the same time as the invoice was issued.


In addition, when the hire items and/or services are delivered/installed/provided by Hills Boutique Baby, the hiree will be required to sign a Customer Satisfaction form which is signed confirmation by the hiree, that they received all items as requested and invoiced and that the hiree was/is happy with the quality/condition of the items, level of service from Hills Boutique Baby, and that the hiree has read, understands, and agrees to the Terms and Conditions as provided in this document by Hills Boutique Baby.




We are here to help, not to take your money.


If requested by the hiree, Hills Boutique Baby will terminate a contract and offer a full refund minus a $10 administration fee, prior to the install/delivery date for the hire, provided Hills Boutique Baby feel the reason for cancellation is fair and just, this is assessed on a case by case basis.  Hills Boutique Baby reserve the right to increase the administration fee that is kept depending on circumstances, for instance if a product has been specifically requested by the hiree and purchased by Hills Boutique Baby for the specific intent to hire to the hiree.


Once again we want to reiterate that we are here to help, and will always do the utmost to be sympathetic to our customer’s circumstances and needs.



What you should expect of Hills Boutique Baby and their Equipment


Hire items are going to be in used condition.  We know this is stating the obvious, however, the point is, the hiree will need to understand that hire items will show some signs of use/wear.  Hills Boutique Baby strives to set the highest standard possible with their hire items, meaning that the hiree can expect industry leading quality in regards to all products hired.  All hire items shall be provided in clean, tidy, and fully operational condition.  If an item shows excessive wear, or any reasonable amount of staining or damage it will no longer be hired out by Hills Boutique Baby.  Our goal is to make sure all items look and operate as near to new as possible.


Capsules will never be hired out if involved in an accident, if you are involved in an accident using one of our capsules it is imperative, for the safety of your child, that you contact Hills Boutique Baby asap so we can organise a replacement free of charge.



Hills Boutique Baby’s obligations regarding delivery and installation of items.


Knowing your time is important, Hills Boutique Baby will try to give the hiree as accurate a time as possible, if coming to deliver or install items. Sometimes delays due to unforeseen circumstances happen, however, Hills Boutique Baby will contact the hiree to ensure they are informed and to make sure alternative arrangements can be made in regards to delivery/installation.


Due to the nature of the industry, occasionally we will need to change appointments to accommodate an emergency delivery/installation (such as premature birth).   We will endeavor to give as much notice as possible to the hiree if this is the case.


Ultimately Hills Boutique Baby reserves the right to change your delivery/installation date/time without penalty, provided the change does not encroach upon the hiree’s paid hire duration.


Car Seats and Capsules will always be installed by a qualified and ACRI accredited fitter, without exception.  More information on ACRI can be found at their website




Hiree’s obligations to uphold the conditions of the hire contract


By entering into a contract with Hills Boutique Baby, the hiree agrees to the following, without exception:


·               All items are the responsibility of the individual who has accepted the invoice and Terms and Conditions from Hills Boutique Baby.


·               In a situation where the individual accepting the invoice and Terms and Conditions is not the same individual who signs the Customer Satisfaction form upon delivery/pickup/installation of the hire items, both parties shall be held equally responsible for the items supplied by Hills Boutique Baby. It is the responsibility of the initial hiree (the individual accepting the invoice and Term and Conditions) to provide the Terms and Conditions to the individual who is receiving the items on their (the initial hiree) behalf, as the recipient will be signing the Customer Satisfaction form accepting the Terms and Conditions.  If you are unclear on this please do not hesitate to contact Hills Boutique Baby for further clarification.



·               Should delivery/pickup be made to a company rather than individual, the initial hiree is wholly responsible for all items including their safe return to Hills Boutique Baby.  An example of this is making sure an item is returned to Hotel reception/concierge, if the hiree is staying in a Hotel, should the items then go missing from the hotel the hiree is responsible for following this up with the hotel until the items are located or replaced and returned to, or made available for, Hills Boutique Baby.


·               It is the responsibility of the hiree to make sure all items are cared for and returned in full operational condition and in a clean and neat condition.  Hills Boutique Baby accepts the necessity to clean all items returned from hire, provided said cleaning can be carried out successfully using standard domestic washing techniques.  Any items that require outsourced cleaning or repair will have said cleaning/repair charged back to the hiree.  An example would be if a capsule comes back with significant staining to the lining that can not be cleaned to satisfaction via a domestic washing machine and requires dry cleaning.


·               Hills Boutique Baby reserves the right to charge any additional cleaning fees to the hiree via the hiree’s initial supplied bond.


·               It is the responsibility of the hiree, that once contacted by Hills Boutique Baby for a product return, that the hiree makes every effort to accommodate Hills Boutique Baby in returning the items within 24 hours of conclusion of the hire period unless an extension to the hire period has been arranged between the initial hiree and Hills Boutique Baby or if an agreement has been reached between the hiree and Hills Boutique Baby for a delayed collection or return of items.


·               The hiree accepts that fees will be charged at a daily rate if items are either returned late or not made available for collection by Hills Boutique Baby (more than 24 hours past the agreed termination of hire period).  It is the hiree’s responsibility to be available during business hours, Monday to Friday for return/collection of items unless prior arrangement has been made with Hills Boutique Baby.



Charging of late Fees by Hills Boutique Baby


Hills Boutique Baby is only able to apply late fees if every effort has been made to contact the hiree, these efforts include at least 2 phone calls (which may include leaving voice mail messages) on 2 separate days requesting return of items and 2 emails sent to the initial hiree’s email account as used for the initial provision of the invoice for hire and Terms and Conditions.  Should, after the above criteria be met by Hills Boutique Baby, there be no response from, or effort made by, the hiree to return or make available collection of the hired items, then Hills Boutique Baby will apply late fees at no more than 10% of the monthly hire rate of each item per day or any value under this amount subject to the discretion of Hills Boutique Baby.  An example of this would be if a capsule was hired for 6 months and not be made available for return then Hills Boutique Baby can apply late fees of $7 + GST per day (10% of the monthly hire cost of the capsule) This will be initially taken from the hiree’s bond however if the value exceeds that of the bond, then the hiree will be sent an invoice for payment of any outstanding debt.  This is to be paid within 14 days by the hiree.


Ultimately, we are here to help, as previously mentioned.  If you feel that an item is not going to be available to be returned on time please call Hills Boutique Baby prior to conclusion of the hire period to arrange a suitable return date.



Charging of Repairs to the hiree by Hills Boutique Baby


Should an item be damaged beyond standard wear and tear by the hiree, Hills Boutique Baby reserves the right to charge the hiree for any replacement parts and labour to rectify the issue.

An example of such instances include rips to item’s fabrics such as liners, hoods etc.

Loss of parts such as wheels, hoods, handles etc.

Damage to operational parts meaning they cease to perform their role such as jammed wheels, broken brakes, broken capsule bases etc.

Damage to frames of portacots, prams etc such as bent frames or significant marks beyond reasonable expectation of wear.


The onus is on the hiree to return all items in as close to the condition that they received them in, as possible.



If any of the above terms and conditions are not understood or unacceptable, please call Hills Boutique Baby prior to payment of invoice so clarification can be sought.




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  • Bugaboo
  • Ergobaby
  • Fisher Price
  • HoMedics
  • Infasecure
  • Jolly Jumper
  • Mamas and Papas
  • Maxi Cosi
  • Peg Perego
  • Phil and Teds
  • Quicksmart
  • Safe n Sound
  • Spectra
  • Stokke
  • Valco
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