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Why Rent? - FAQ


Welcome to our Why Rent?/FAQ page, here we hope to provide the answers you are looking for to help make hiring easier for you!


Our Little Bundle is now 13 months old, and in that time we have gone through so much baby equipment, equipment that we bought all new wanting to give our baby the very best.  Ultimately, as we look at it all now, packed neatly into the closet, we realise just how much of it was used ever so fleetingly.  Items that were used for under 3 months include:-

     Hospital style Bassinet

     Bassinet for Pram

     Newborn baby Capsule

     Breast Pump

     Various toys, formula bottles etc


Items that only lasted up to 6 months include:-


     Moses Bassinet

     More formula bottles etc

     Rocking Crib


All in all, excluding clothes and most toys, we caluculated over $2000 worth of items that were obselete for our little girl's needs within six months of her birth.  Resale through local websites or eBay etc just doesn't cover much of the cost at all, and that is where renting can provide such great gains.


Choosing items that suit you, every step of the way

The great thing about renting, other than the cost saving, is the ability to tailor your equipment to your needs as you Little Bundle grows.  Want a different Pram? no problem.  Want a bigger playpen?  Sure.  Need a bigger child restraint?  Not a problem.  You can simply return your item, and hire the next one that suits your needs, without the outlay of buying the new product and having to sell the old one to recoup some of your losses.


Try before you buy

Many items, and Prams are probably the best example here, can seem so right in the shop but be so wrong when you get them home and have to use them every day.  How many people do you know who have had babies, particularly their first, and gone through 2 or 3 Prams before finding the right one?  We oursleves were guilty of that, as were many of our friends.  Therefore why not hire first?  You can try different Prams for as long as you want, then once you are happy you've made the right choice, you can then purchase the Pram knowing you've made the very best choice.  We are even able to quote you a price on purchasing prams new and if you are happy with the price, we'll take off the price of the hire for that particular Pram if you buy with us!


Please continue to read on for some of our FAQ's.........


Will my hired equipment be of high quality?

Is there a bond on hired goods?

Are you qualified to fit our child restraint for us, and will that restraint be road worthy?

Can you tell me more about the right restraint for me?

Can you install a child restraint which I already own?

Can I change my hire duration during, or before the actual hire?

What are your fees for late returns?

How do I pay for my items?



Will my hired equipment be of high quality?

All of the items purchased for hire at Hills Boutique Baby have been purchased new from the highest regarded brands.  Every single item we stock is an item that we presonally endorse either through our own experience or the experiences of those around us.  We are the ONLY baby equipmnt hire comany that takes the time to explain to you why we chose each product (as you will see in the product description for each item).  We've done this because we care about your baby, and we care about your satisfaction as parents, this is an exciting journey for our company, not a way to make fast money.  We offer the best brands for prices similar to significantly lower brands from other hirers.

All items are washed, treated, inspected, maintained, and bagged and sealed at the end of each hire keeping them free from dust and in the highest possible standard.  All items will be written off our inventory and sold when deemed as no longer in 'as new' or 'near new' condition.


Is there a bond on hired goods?

Yes there is, a bond on Prams and Hospital Bassinets of $100 and a bond on all other items of $50 is required at time of placing your order.  The bond will be returned to you within 5 business days on return of the hired item/items that are returned in satisfactory condition as outlined in our Terms and Conditions of hire.  The bond will be returned via direct deposit to your nominated account.


Are you qualified to fit our child restraint for us, and will that restraint be road worthy?

Yes, we are fully qualified as a child restraint fitter under ACRI, Australian Child Restraint Initiative.  If you look us up on their web page you will see that we are listed as an accredited and recommended fitter, you will also see that we have been listed as a personal testomonial for their training due to our close relationship with them.  ACRI go above and beyond just training people on how to fit a restraint, they make sure that all of their accredited fitters can give the best advice on the best restraint for your child and also the best way, for a parent, for you to continue to protect your child.  ACRI enforces strict quidelines when it comes to the installation of child restraints including checking that the restraint is current Australian Standards compliant, that the year of manufacture is within those stated by the manufacturer as still being valid, that every single car is checked for the correct anchor point for that particular model complying with the Australian Standards, and that the client is fully briefed on their requirements to help keep the child safe on a day to day basis.

In regards to the child restraints that we provide for hire, every single restraint is fully checked and serviced after each rental, and if any restraint has been in an accident it is written off and no longer used for rental.  All of our restraints comply with the current Australian Standard and are within the timeframe of their serviceable life as per the manufacturer.  It is important that you, as a client, inform us if you have been in an accident with one of our restraints and we will organise an immediate replacement for you free of charge, after all, we want to keep your Little Bundle as safe as possible.


Can you tell me more about the right restraint for me?

We certainly can.  Choosing the right restraint is possibly the most important aspect in keeping your Little Bundle safe.  Please email us for an information sheet on restraint types and their guidelines for use.


Can you install a child restraint which I already own?

Yes we can provided it meets the following criteria:-

     Is it compliant to the current Austalian standards?

     Does it have the Australian Standards sticker still on the unit?

     Does the unit seem free of obvious damage?

     Is the unit fully functional as per it's requirements?

     Does your vehicle have anchor points compliant with the Australian Standards?

If your restraint and vehicle meet all of the criteria above, then we can indeed fit your restraint for you, infact restraint fitting is a core part of our business.  For prices see our Restraint Fitting page


Can I change my hire duration during, or before the actual hire.

We are flexible and always happy to help.  Quite often changes in hire will be subject to availability of the product however we will endeavour to come up with a solution to your needs.  If you wish to reduce a hire time during the actual hire then please be aware there may be changes in rates depending on the hire duration.  We also require 1 week notice if you intend to shorten your hire duration or the full hire charge may be applicable.  Again, unlike many businesses we are here to help you, not just take your money and run.  Having a baby is an expensive business and sometimes circumstances change, ane we will always to our best to show empathy towards your change in circumstances, however please also be aware there are times where your changes may put us out of pocket due to other lost rental opportinuties etc which is why rates may change or notice is required.


What are your fees for late returns?

If we are given notice that you would like to extend your rental, and we have the capability to do that for you, then we only charge the ongoing rental rate.  If you withhold our products without prior consent to do so the rate will be charged at the daily rate of the hire of the product plus 10%, this will be taken out of your bond.  Again we are not here to take people's money unneccessarily and a simple phone call or email prior to the end of the hire period will sort out such matters.


How do I pay for my items?

At the moment you can either pay cash if you are picking the item up, or if you wish us to deliver the item then direct deposit to our account.  Every customer will be emailled a full invoice detailling costs and hire conditions upon payment.  Payment is required for all major hires 1 week prior to hire commencement, needless to say if it's a last minute request this will not apply, but as stock can quite often be fully rented it's best to check in advance if we have what you require.  We are also in the process of adding a secure credit card facility via Westpac's Payway system.  More information to follow.











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